Thursday, March 28, 2013

You know something is wrong

I really admire ants, but I'm thankful I'm not one.
You know something is wrong when you have to do it not because it's important, adds value or because it matters, but just because it's part of a process that does not add any value.

They keep telling me, "It's a big pain in the rear bottom but it's part of the rules and you have to do it. So just do it and get it out of your way.".

I don't like this kind of thinking. It's time of my life that I won't get back, that I can't direct to some other thing that I might think is more important. It's time that I don't have any control on how to use it.

But I guess they are right as long as I keep exchanging time of my life that I can never get back for money. I'm just another replaceable cog in a machine that does not allow any deviation or mind of it's own, despite of what they keep saying.

The uncertainty part of jumping sucks. We want reassuring that we will have a net, that we will have a plan, that we will know what will happen next.

We never know.

But I guess that in the end what I keep reading is true, just do it and figure things out while you are doing it. It's more dangerous to conform, live your life like everybody else does and do not dare to do what you really want, what you chose, because if it's your choice, it's your responsibility and you don't have anybody to blame.



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