Friday, March 8, 2013


National Museum of Natural History in Paris.
I really loved to learn, specially when I was younger. I would go through a encyclopaedia reading article by article. I would see something on the TV and would try to replicate it by my own, like the time when tried several times to make a kite after seeing some cartoons. I tried some materials like plastic, paper, wood or cane, several construction techniques like using strings or glue, and different shapes for the kite. In the end I arrived to a combination that was actually functional and fun and I was very pleased. I had conquered the air by myself.

When we grow we tend to forget this learning model, to try, to experiment, to fail and eventually succeed, because failure is usually not an option. We want to arrive to the solution fast, cut all corners and take every imaginable shortcut available, and the process is lost, because we tend to see it as a waste of time. I tend to be more satisfied when I learn by myself by doing, experimenting and failing, and I have the impression that the knowledge lingers more deeply in my head.

I feel a bit stagnant in learning and in my personal growth, I read a lot, but it's not enough, because I read and, despite of my interest on the subject, most of the times I also forget.

My hope is to use this blog as an excuse and motivation to start, to do, learn and grow.


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