Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bonus - Fail

One of my failed photo attempts for the Do post.
I think that in the tech world failure is currently a trend. Companies and people want to know fast if they are onto something, or if they are on the wrong path, and then decide to pivot or just start over and try something else.

But outside the tech world failure is still not an option and is seen with suspicion  and as something bad. If you fail the reason is probably that you are not good enough and you are not up for the job. As a consequence people avoid taking chances and stay on the safe path, they won't learn, they won't grow, but also they won't be criticized. They maintain a strange form of lethargy, keep your head low and don't make waves.

As for me, I think that failure is a good thing, you learn one more way on how not to do something, you learn that you should try something else.

But this is what I think, in reality, I don't like failing. I don't try much, I don't do much, I don't fail much but... I also don't learn much. I'm also afraid of being criticized and I don't put myself in situations where I will probably fail... situations where I can also succeed.

This is one of the reasons why this blog is written in English (not my native language), because it's certain that I will fail and make mistakes. The other reason being that it forces me to think and write in a different way making me leave my comfort zone and not be in auto-pilot.

If I don't put myself out there for failure, I'm also not taking chances on succeeding.


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