Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scanning old family photos

A scanned and edited photo of my father with about 40 years.
Beyond the family albums, my parents have a drawer with old pictures, some are from my parents others from people of the village were I grew up. The photos can have 40 years or more and are starting to decay, with rust like marks, mould, bad storage conditions or just by sheer amount of time that has passed since they were taken.

Last year and after browsing some of them I got the feeling that I didn't want to lose those pictures. I got some and set my self to scan all of them, eventually. I scanned a few, got pleased with myself and never touched them again.

Until the previous weekend when I resumed the project and already scanned the first batch of about 100 photos. I still don't know how to digitally recover the photos, or how  but I will learn and get there.

The photo above was not recovered, I just applied a smoothing filter to do a test and ended up linking the result.


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