Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bonus - Have fun

The sky was clear and the view was just breathtaking.
You know It won't be fun all the time. Sometimes you only realize that you had fun when you finished something, the process might not feel fun at the time. 

However I think one must try to find and do things that are fun to us. 

You also shouldn't try to follow an ideal of what you should be doing or liking, like enjoying jazz music instead of commercial pop music because you are all grown up now, or reading more classical novels and ditching the chick lit that you really like just because other people do it. 

I'm not saying that you shouldn't try to do different things, but if you don't have fun or enjoy it while your doing it, probably you shouldn't be doing it.

Other people might not get it, but you shouldn't worry to much about it. The important is that you enjoy it.

Currently I'm in the process of relearning about things that I like and are fun to me. Some of them I already know and appreciate, but, again, as time went by I stopped doing, stopped experimenting and learning to a degree that now I really miss.

Well, let's kick this blog into action and start having fun.


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